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Derecho Mercantil

Company law:
We advise entrepreneurs to help them decide on the best legal format for their business and accompany them from the birth of their company and throughout all stages of its growth and development, as well as, if necessary, when their company purpose comes to an end.

We monitor compliance by the company’s decision-making and governing bodies with all company, commercial, tax, employment, environmental, administrative and criminal regulations.

We advise company partners, members of the Board of Directors and venture capital companies on liability.

We prepare and attend shareholders’ meetings on behalf of clients and we usually act as Secretary to the Board of Directors and legal adviser.

We have proven experience in providing advice on disputes between partners and defending company majorities and minorities.

We advise on corporate governance structures. We design and negotiate shareholder agreements and family protocols in order to secure the survival of a family business or the coexistence of investors with the remaining partners.

Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) regulations:
We advise entities wishing to be incorporated as investment service companies, supporting them from the beginning of their project, actively collaborating in preparing the prescriptive Handbook for obtaining CNMV authorisation, drafting subsequent communications with the regulatory body, and advising on the company incorporation process. Once incorporated, we advise the investment service companies, providing all the services offered by our firm to them, helping them at all times to comply with any current legislation applicable to them by virtue of their specific activity, their shareholding structure or their turnover.

National and international commercial contracts:
We negotiate, prepare and advise on all types of commercial contracts, with special emphasis on contracts with foreign involvement such as professional service provision, commercial collaboration, distribution, agency, franchising, sale and purchase, tolling, credit transfer, joint account, and transfer of intellectual and industrial property contracts.

We are also experts in negotiating and preparing bank and funding contracts, such as credit, loan or financial leasing contracts, as well as advising on arranging guarantees, both personal and secured.

Distribution, agency and franchising:
We have wide proven experience in counselling in the field of distribution, agency and franchising contracts. Our professional team drafts and advises on franchising, agency and distribution contracts, with domestic or foreign involvement, advising on the choice of forum and providing access to legislation and correspondent experts in the field in most countries both within the EU and outside it. We are experts in preventive advice on conflicts arising from this type of contract, as well as in defending judicial proceedings on these matters.

Advertising and entertainment law:
We are very familiar with the legal rules governing entertainment law. We have a lifetime’s experience in preparing and negotiating broadcast advertising and advertising creation agreements, and other contracts commonly used in the world of advertising, communication and entertainment, with their implications for right to honour, privacy and self-image. We provide comprehensive advice in terms of advertising campaigns, both prior to their launch and during roll-out and implementation. We act before regulatory agencies such as AUTOCONTROL and also represent our clients in judicial and administrative proceedings on illegal and unfair advertising.

Thanks to our clients in the communication, marketing and advertising sectors, we have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing contracts with renowned trademarks, patronage and sponsorship contracts, hiring artists, influencers and models, service delivery and image rights transfers.

We also comprehensively manage promotions, sweepstakes and raffles for promotional and advertising purposes.

We monitor copyright, intellectual property, trademark and image rights infringements.

We provide advice on: image on the Internet and social networks; illegal and harmful content over the Internet; online legal reputation and protection of personal and corporate image; legal instruments to defend reputation.

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