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ico Employment Law

jurídico laboral

The Legal-Employment Department has extensive experience in delivering preventive advice to companies and their executives.

We manage any crisis by establishing an internal and external communication policy, maintaining smooth institutional relationships with trade unions and business organisations, as well as with employment authorities.

We have taken part in some of the most significant business restructurings of the last few decades, always finding solutions to the human resource adaptation needs of our clients.

The main value we provide, and which sets us apart in our sector, is based on the approach we use, based on the principles of humanism, of equity and of achieving just solutions for the company’s workers as a whole, which are normally consistent with business interests.

Going into social dialogue negotiations with sensitivity and empathy can pave the way for balanced solutions.

At the procedural level, when an individual or collective conflict is at issue before the courts and tribunals, we intervene, preparing the evidence under optimum conditions, which contributes significantly to achieving a good outcome.

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