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Professional code of ethics

ALEMANY & MUÑOZ DE LA ESPADA Corporate Legal is ruled by professional ethics of The Code of Ethics of Spanish Advocacy, passed by the General Advocacy Council, adapted to the General Statute of Spanish Advocacy, enacted by Royal Decree 658/2001, 22nd June.

Our Firm is aware of the social function of Advocacy, and our practice is based on honesty, lawfulness, rectitude, loyalty, diligence and veracity.

We base our relationship with clients on the mutual confidence and we commit ourselves to act with honesty, diligence, competence and loyalty. Any information which becomes of our knowledge in the course of our work, will be dealt with the highest confidentiality.

We commit ourselves to act with diligence and loyalty

Before accepting any professional matter, potential incompatibilities are previously checked, in order to guarantee the defence of our clients’ interests with full independence.

Relationship with clients starts with the acceptance of a proposal of professional services, which includes an estimate of fees establishing the amount and criteria of the relevant invoice of fees, as well as terms and conditions of payment.

This way, the client will know in advance the costs of the hired services, which will be previously accepted or agreed.

We commit ourselves to keep a frequent contact with clients, providing immediately the information required and answering the callings or e-mails as soon as possible.

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