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Sale and awarding of the Production Unit of the cosmetics manufacturer PROCOLUIDE INDUSTRIAL


Our partner Dolores Alemany Pozuelo, appointed Insolvency Administration in the insolvency proceeding of the well-known manufacturer and creator of cosmetics PROCOLUIDE INDUSTRIAL, of such renowned brands as L’oreal, Franck Provost, Douglas, ID Beauty, etc… has managed to successfully materialize the sale of the Production Unit of the insolvent company, transferred to GRUPO BONIQUET, a consolidated company in the world of cosmetics and personal hygiene, with an activity coinciding with that of the insolvent company.

In the process of transferring the Production Unit, more than sixty jobs have been preserved, through the subrogation by the acquirer in the labor relations of the workers taken over.

All this has generated a positive and favorable response from the different social agents involved in the process, such as trade unions and works councils, who have given their approval to the complex process of awarding the Production Unit.

In recent years, the mechanism of the transfer of Production Units has become essential in order to maintain the activity of the companies in bankruptcy, with the consequent safeguarding of jobs that all this implies. In this field, the role of the Insolvency Administrator is essential, as well as his knowledge and experience in the field of corporate restructuring, which has allowed this operation to be successfully completed.

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